Oh! Virginia EP

by Harrison Colby

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EP dedicated to the capital of Virginia


released February 23, 2012

all songs written and recorded by Harrison Colby

cover photo taken by Ben Willis
cover design by Harrison Colby
photo features Harrison Colby and artist/photographer Ben Willis



all rights reserved


Harrison Colby Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Oh! Virginia
Oh! Virginia (Oh! Virginia)
Burning fire engine red (the fan's on fire)
I'd love to see yah (love to see yah)
When we're long past dead
We're gonna sit and drink our wine (drink our wine)
And talk about all the times that we had

Just come over here babe (just a little bit closer)
Stay for awhile (just a little bit longer)
But can't you see, i'll never see you again
Track Name: Joe's Inn Theme Song
Five o'clock on a Friday afternoon
It's about that quittin' that time and it couldn't have come too soon
Forty hours a week
Nearly had me on the brink
There's a-nothin I'm a-lookin more forward to than the stiffest tallest drink

We're drinkin' at Joe's
Tavern of the River City
Ain't no reason to make yourself up pretty
Just come as you are
There's a place at the bar for you at Joe's
Track Name: Annie
Annie, you know
You talk like the good wind blow on a summer day
Annie, you can't resist those rusty motor cars
You love to leave those scars but it makes me smile

I'll tear this bed apart
New York just seems so far away
But our island looks the same
Stayed up all night until the morning came

I'm sure that I've probably told
How my mother died on grove when I was only three
You can have any man you choose
I don't have a brother or a sister to lose
They've been cut in two

I know when the sun comes up
It'll be ten years trying now I'm giving up
We talk like this thing never was
Track Name: Richmond is my Virginia
Broad Street
Grace Street
Monument Avenue
Park and patterson
Grove and Floyd
And Cary, I didn’t forget about you
I’ve traveled all across this city by the light of the magical moon
And if I wasn’t drunk I sure would be drunk soon

Richmond’s my Virginia
The only Virginia I know
Richmond’s my Virginia
And for a time I called it my home

From the hills of Oregon to the Wards of Jackson
Short Pumps, Fans, and Western Ends
I walked all over this city, grinning like I’d won a bet
As long as I had at least a half pack of cigarettes